Velo Nicotine Pouches Ice Cool Strong 10mg x20

VELO X-Freeze is a completely tobacco-free product that contains nicotine. It has a taste of intense peppermint and icy menthol. VELO is made from fibres of eucalyptus and pine. Meet a crisp peppermint taste with a cooling aftertaste.


Which Velo Should Be My Velo?
It's important to choose the right strength and size. Velo comes in a variety of both, from mild to x-strong. we have an easy to understand dot system, from one to four, so you know which strength is right for you. If you're new to Velo, look for one dot. If you're looking for something a little stronger, look for two dots and if you're a regular user, you might want to try three or four dots




How Do You Velo?
This part is easy. You just:

Twist It. Tuck It. Feel It. But let's break that down, shall we?
Twist It. To open your Velo simply twist off the lid along the guidelines on the can.
Tuck It. Take out a single pouch and tuck it between your upper lip and your gum.
Feel It. You'll feel a momentary tingling sensation which is how you know the nicotine is released and working for you. You'll get used to this sensation and it will fade over time.

Still not sure? Watch our film here.
Once you've got it tucked under your lip, you can enjoy Velo for up to 30 minutes, while you just get on with doing your thing.